Fastiv, 7-8.04.2022

Praised be Jesus Christ!

A few days ago, I talked to a friend from Pokrovsk (Donetsk region), with whom we planned evacuation more than a month ago. During this conversation, he said that currently the block where he lives is deserted – there are only 4 unaccompanied flats left. Today a woman with her grandson Igor came to us from Pokrovsk – they will stay with us for a long time. Every day I contact Kherson, Nikolaev and towns in the Donetsk Oblast – people are scared because the threat of hostilities and occupation may be a matter of days or hours.

While visiting Makarów, destroyed by the occupiers, I noticed an important thing: despite the broken windows in the supermarket, the products are still standing on the shelves – no one is taking anything! People need to restore their damaged houses to usable condition as soon as possible – roofs must be repaired and broken windows secured quickly. Help in this is our new goal in the coming weeks.
The most anticipated gift we finally received was an ambulance car, given to us by the German Red Cross (Deutsches Rotes Kreuz) with the help of the «Charitable Foundation», «Charitable Freta» and the Knights of St. John Paul ІІ, the wife of the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Ukraine, Mrs. Monika Kapa-Cichocka and the International Foundation “Support for the Development of Medicine”

We would like to thank Mr. Zygmunt Skołożyński and the company “Neon Efekt” for financial support and transporting humanitarian aid from Warsaw to Fastiv. Last time we mentioned the action “Ciacho za ciacho”, carried out for us by the academic chaplaincy “Beczka” (at the Dominican monastery in Krakow). And today we are grateful to announce that this action raised 161 thousand PLN! Thank you from the heart for extraordinary generosity, kindness and love!

May the good God, who distributes his gifts and goods so that we have the opportunity to show mercy and compassion, reward you many times!
Father Michał ОР

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