Fastiv, 12-13.04.2022

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Contact with people in the occupied territories – this is our primary occupation in these and the coming days. Today I spoke with my friends from Kherson – they want to evacuate very much. We expect their dream to come true in the coming days. Living under occupation is sometimes impossible – and not only because of political persecution. People lack food and medicine. Currently, a kilo of sausage in Kherson costs over 500 hr (PLN 67), while people do not receive any payments…

Today 104 people from Konstantynówka and Drużkówka – cities in the Donetsk region, and from Mikołajewo – left for Poland. Thank you for the help and organization of the evacuation to Mr. Wiktor Berlin and the insurance company “Guardian”, the General Service for Children and Youth at the City Council of Mikołajew, Mrs. Julia Krawczenko, as well as the wife of the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Ukraine, Mrs. Monika Kapa-Cichocka and Mr. Paweł Stępień!

Without the support of our Friends who care for us, it wouldn’t be possible for us to help those in need. Thank you for the products and household chemicals that we received from the representative of the scout organization “ZHP Żywiec”, Mr. Grzegorz Śleziak. We thank the extremely brave gentlemen from the “Eagle Guard” organization who help the victims of terrorism – they provided us with much needed food. Thank you to Andrzej Mikulski from the “4F” company and his friends for the clothes!

Visiting Makarów today and talking to the inhabitants, I saw that the city is starting to come back to life – they are cleaning the streets, repairing communications, opening shops, and people’s smiles return to their faces. It gives hope! I would like to remind you that 40% of the buildings in Makarów were destroyed and about 134 inhabitants were killed, including children, women and the elderly. Local volunteers asked us for construction foil to protect the roofs and windows, as well as tourist gas cylinders, so that they could be used to prepare food, as part of the city is still gas-free. Thank you for the Fair, which took place on April 10 in Warsaw (thanks to the “Charytatywni Freta”!), We were able to buy about 50 gas cylinders and bring them to Makarow. We will buy more soon, because there are unmet needs…

Remember us in your prayers!
Thank you for everything!
о. Michal ОР

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