Fastiv, 19-20.04.2022

Christ rose from the dead!

We are celebrating Easter! During the Eve on Holy Saturday, when our deacon Igor sang Exultet, explosions could be heard. Then there was silence, we prayed in tension, and looking at the large number of people in the church, I thought that probably not everyone would fit in the lower chapel …
We celebrated with our pupils and volunteers – these were very special days for us. Yesterday and the day before yesterday we went to Makarow and its surroundings: Andrijiwka, Nowa Hrebla, Nowy Korogod, Dmytriwka, Ozerszczyna (near Borodianka). The locals got electricity again only yesterday, and for the last two months they lived without electricity and gas. We distributed products (840 packages – over 5 tons) and building materials for damaged roofs and windows.

Thanks for the help of “Charytatywni Freta”, who during the fair collected over 58 thousand PLN for building materials. Thanks to “Soup na Mąciaku”, and thanks to our Friends from the “Eagle Guard” foundation for the financial help that came from – these funds allow us to buy basic necessities! Thanks for the financial help to the parish priest of the parish of Mary Magdalene of the city of Kamenz in Germany! We are very grateful to the inhabitants of Bożepol Wielki for the funds raised for the implementation of our ministry!

Dear and beloved friends and benefactors! For us you are a sign of the risen Christ, who generously shares the grace of a reborn life that conquers death, lifts us up, saves us from despair, helps to bear the cross of pain and difficulties, and ultimately gives us a tangible, tangible pledge of eternal life!
о. Michal OP

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