Fastiv, 27-29.04.2022

Christ rose from the dead!

Yesterday Fastiv was under fire from Russian ballistic missiles, which resulted in the destruction of two residential buildings and about 10 of them were damaged. Nobody died, but there are people badly injured. All casualties were admitted to the municipal hospital. Dear Friends, I thank you with emotion for your solidarity and compassion for our situation! Thank you for the text messages and calls I kept answering until late at night! Thank you for caring for us and remembering about us! May God protect you and keep you!

Every day we distribute food packages to refugees and the needy in Fastiv and in the villages around Makariv that were destroyed by the Russian aggression. Today I spoke with the starost of Andriyivka. He said that in this village 235 houses needed renovation and 75 houses could not be renovated. What else can be said about other villages … Yesterday we ordered 2 thousand square meters of materials for roofing – we will take them to three villages. From Monday, together with volunteers from other church communities, we will try to help in the renewal of housing, especially for the elderly.

We received the long-awaited parcel from England – for this gift we especially thank our Dominican confrere, Br. Toby and his cousin Jeremy. We would like to thank the Plaza shopping center in Rzeszów and other wonderful people from Rzeszów for their help with the transport of these gifts, as well as Mr. Paweł Stempnia and our carrier Mr. Wasyl for delivering this cargo directly to Fastiv. Thank you, dear friends, who accompany us and support us, our volunteers, in this sad and difficult time! “Do not get rid of your hope, which hath a great reward” (Heb 10:35).

Father Michal OP

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