Fastiv, 3-4.04.2022

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Here is the report for the last few days. We are painfully experiencing the tragedy of Bucza, Irpień, Gostomel, Borodianka – it is a monstrous manifestation of cruelty, hatred, the terrible reality of evil that terrifies, deeply wounds our hearts, squeezes tears from even the most hard and hardened people …

A few days ago, we brought help to villages near Makarow and the Żytomierska route (it was handled by Mr. Włodzimierz Horbyk together with volunteers). Then it occurred to us that in Motyżyn – a village located a few kilometers from the route – the staroste, her husband, son, and her sister and husband were taken prisoners. It turned out that the Russians had killed them all. Their dead bodies were found by the Muslim battalion “Crimea”. Probably before their death, these people were tortured because their bodies were found in characteristic poses – hands tied backwards, fatal wounds on the back of the head. It turns out that there are other places of group burial in this village …

Last week, we distributed 2.5 thousand zlotys worth of food parcels in exempted villages near Makarów, Byszewo and Fastiv. We would never have done it without you, our dear friends and benefactors! It is with your hands that the Lord multiplies and distributes help to needy, tired, scared people.

Yesterday we managed to evacuate 101 people from Mikołajewo and Kherson region – many of them have nowhere to go back. We are glad that they can be safe in Poland!

Thank you for helping the insurance company “Guardian” («Гардіан») in the person of Mr. Wiktor Berlin, as well as Mrs. Julia Krawczenko, the main Children’s and Youth Service of the City Council of Mikołajewo.
We are invariably grateful to the wife of the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Ukraine, Mrs. Monika Kapa-Cichocka, and to Mr. Paweł Stępień!

Thank you, dear friends, for calling, writing and remembering us! May God bless you!
о. Michal ОР

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