Fastiv, 5-6.04.2022

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Today we would like to share a short story about the amazing women who are serving with us these days. A few days ago, there was an opportunity to bring food to Łypiwka (a village next to Makarowo), which was released from the Russian occupation 4-5 days ago. Lots of houses, cars, paths and other objects – bigger or smaller – are still mined. Our brave women (two Oksanas) under the protection of the local Territorial Defense set out to reach these people! We often see how much strength, prudence, love and patience our women put into the service of our Center: working in the kitchen, folding and completing food packages, distributing medicines, looking after children, talking to those in need … About 50 women these days serve with us. We are very grateful and proud that we are going to victory together with such people and are ALREADY winning!

The villages located in the vicinity of the Żytomierska and Makarów route, namely Fasowa, Ludwyniwka, Łypiwka, Kopyliw and Motyżyn are doing very badly – people suffer from the atrocities of war, ruin after hostilities and numerous acts of genocide.

Of course, at the moment they are happy that they are liberated and want to share what they have with our volunteers who bring them food – and this is a remarkable testimony that good must overcome, and evil – however cruel – will run away or will be destroyed.

During these days, we brought 1400 food parcels to people in need in the villages. We would especially like to thank our Warsaw Friends “Charytatywni Freta” and Friends from Krakow for the campaign “Ciacho za ciacho”, which was carried out last Sunday. Tomorrow it will be known how many funds have been collected.

Your goodness and kindness is a great gift from God! We do not stop praying and thanking you for you, as the apostle Paul wrote in the Letter to the Colossians (Colossians 1: 9)!
Father Michal ОР

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