Fastiv, 7-10.08.2022

Praised be Jesus Christ!

On Monday, we celebrated the day of our father and founder, Saint Dominic! This year, an episode from his teenage years, when he was still studying theology, became strikingly close to us. In a time of famine, he sold all his books out of compassion to the hungry to save the poor from a terrible death! Father Dominic’s compassion inspires us in activity and prayer! This month, the Dominican sisters Augustyna and Monika will celebrate their jubilees of religious vows: sister Augustine – 25 years, and sister Monika – 55 years of life in the order! We thank Sisters for their service, their presence is a real gift for all of us.

Our relations with Kharkov and Kherson have become very close in recent times. Although we have never met before, we try to help those who ask for help and support the spirits of those asking for help: we write to each other, we telephone, we exchange photos, we accept reports … We expect to visit each other after the war.

In this first half of the week, we distributed 1,420 food parcels to specific people on the list, around 8,470 kg. Our work in rebuilding a wounded Ukraine has not been interrupted any day. This week, we took the roofing material and received further reports asking for help with renovations. Therefore, I invite everyone who would like to support this work – donors, sponsors! Winter will come in 3 months, a lot of people cannot live in their own homes, so your participation is extremely valuable. It is the same thing that happened with Dominic – the compassion that saved the needy!

Yesterday we received packages with humanitarian aid. Mr. Paweł Bagdarzewski from the Charytatywni Foundation and Charytatywni Freta came to us from Waszrszawa, he brought devices for organizing mobile shelters for refugees. He also brought a stove for ceramics, which our girls had been dreaming of for several years. Thank you very much to the Polish insurance company KUKE for such a valuable gift!
Every day we are in contact with the defenders of our country and we always try to meet their needs somehow. This week it was necessary to find some leg ointment. With the help and support of Mrs. Monika Kapa-Cichocka, the wife of the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland, we got it for free! 1800 drug packages from Tarchomińskie Zakłady Farmaceutyczne “Polfa” S.A.

We are full of appreciation! I thank everyone who supports our work for those who suffer from the war and its shortcomings. Thank you for the sacrifices, for the prayers, for the work done. We embrace each of you with our prayers! Let’s strive for victory together !!!
Father Michał OP

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