Fastiv, 22-24.12.2022

Christ was born!


These Christmas holidays are completely different from the previous ones marked by war and suffering, but this gives us the opportunity to experience them exclusively and not lose a single moment of the time of this celebration. The uniqueness of these holidays lies in the quiet support of Friends – volunteers, do-gooders – all those whom God gave us during these last ten months of the war.

A special gift today is the presence of Cardinal Konrad Krajewski, the papal distributor of alms, among us at the Christmas Eve and the Vigil Mass – this is a sign of the comfort and special closeness of the Holy Father to each of us in this difficult time. We are grateful to Cardinal Konrad for donating a generator and thermal underwear for our Center – it will help a lot in our daily service, so that we can share kindness and warmth with everyone who comes to us. Today near the Nativity scene, we thank the newborn Jesus for the gift of incarnation and closeness to everyone who accompanied us, consoled us and was close to us.

Our children – school and kindergarten – finished this semester, which was difficult for all of us, in particular for the teachers and educators who went to the shelters dozens of times and befriended the smallest, we thank them for their care and pray for their families.

These days we sent aid to Kherson, Odesa, Balaklia, Bakhmut, Chernihiv Oblast and we are grateful to God for all our Partners in the East and South of Ukraine. In total, 2,671 humanitarian aid food kits (16,700 kg) were distributed, but also hundreds of children’s gifts for the smallest and gas cylinders, generators, warm clothes, blankets – this is an incredible generosity this Christmas.

We thank our Friends of Eagle Watch for the field kitchen, thanks to which we will prepare warm soups and drinks for those in need. Thank you for the charity campaign to collect Christmas gifts, which was initiated by the wife of the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland, Mrs. Monika Kapa – Cichocka, which took place in nine schools in Warsaw and the surrounding area. Thank you for the charity auction and humanitarian cargo of Charitable and Charitable Freta Foundation. May this Christmas season be filled with special peace and joy that the Lord is coming to redeem man. “The Lord is near. Never worry about anything; but tell God all your desires of every kind in prayer and petition shot through with gratitude,” Phil 4. 5b-6

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