Fastiv, 3-7.12.2022

Praised be Jesus Christ.

Meeting with St. Nicholas is the holiday that children look forward to the most on the eve of Christmas. Usually children write letters to the saint, asking him for various things they need. I saw several such letters before they were given to St. Nicholas and this year they are completely different… Children ask for peace and pray for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, want to study in classes and go to school, and also ask for those who are cold now and also something little for themselves 🙂.

About 300 children met the Miracle Worker in our church. We thank all the assistants of St. Nicholas for their help in organizing the holiday. Special thanks to Mr. Artur and Mrs. Daryna Piskovsky, talented artists, who with great love agreed to hold a holiday for children and a soulful meeting for the volunteers.​

Tomorrow we are leaving for Kherson with gifts for children and food kits for affected families, we are also taking warm things, medicines and baby diapers. This week, our aid was delivered to orphaned children in the Chernihiv region in the village of Makiivka – thank you for your cooperation with the volunteers from the “We are orphans” charitable foundation. We thank the Dominican monasteries: in Poznań – the post-academic pastoral ministry “Paleolith” and in Gdańsk for the organized charity fairs, a big thank you to everyone who cared. Remember: your concern is our strength. We thank the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Ukraine for their support in the organization of St. Nicholas celebration with the purchase of sweets, for the care and memory of Mr. Consul Jacek Goclowski; to the community of secular Dominicans in Zwolle – to brother Peter and Franz, who three years ago gave this “real clothes” of the saint from a special store at “St. Nicholas” and for taking such good care of the children of St. Martin’s House and always asking: “do you have anything to give the children, or do you need something for children”! Thank you for your support and prayers. Thank you to everyone who supported us financially this month with a private bank card, who called us, who prays daily.

father Michael OP

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