Fastiv, 12-18.02. 2023

Praised be Jesus Christ.

The anniversary of the bloodiest stage of the great war of the russian Ffederation against the Ukrainian people and their country is approaching! For many of us, February 24th, 2022 changed everything in our lives, even more radically than February 20th, 2014. Every day, responding to the requests of people who need our help, we discover new stories of suffering and adversity and try to the best of our ability to befriend the victims in this difficult time.​

We returned from the Kharkiv region, where we brought humanitarian aid to Lubotyn, Kharkiv, Balaklia, and Veliky Burluk. The last area is 14 km “to the contact line”. In V. Burluk, we were asked for support for elderly people who are currently living in the geriatric department, most of whom have lost their homes and loved ones – they are from Kupyansk, Dvorichny and other war-damaged areas in the east of Kharkiv region. So, we are again asking you for diapers for adults, hygiene products, medical sheets, mattresses. Many elderly people do not want to leave their own places and homes for various reasons. Nevertheless, they also need help and care!​

In total, this week, we distributed 2,568 food packages (21,000 kg). In addition to Kharkiv Oblast, we supported the families of soldiers who were forcibly resettled, who live in Fastiv and Chernihiv Oblast. We thank the wife of the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland, Mrs. Monika Kapa-Cichocka, for her kindness and care for our projects and needs. Thank you to the Dominican community in Zwolle who take care of our ministry and sent their support this week. We greatly appreciate your presence, brother Peter and Frans van der Heijdt, no matter how far you live, you are all close to us in the “works of mercy”. The project you supported – “Warm up at the Nativity Scene” warms hundreds of needy people every day.​

Thank you that in this difficult time, we can continue to repair the social house at 57 Kyivska Street, where on January 6, a center was opened and consecrated for families who were forced to leave their homes due to the war. This week, construction materials for the further repair of the house and insulation of the facade arrived from the Saint-Gobain company and it’s charitable foundation.

Our Partners and Friends from Foundation Charitable and Charitable Freta – Ms. Marzena and Mr. Pawel, personally delivered humanitarian aid to equip the center at 57 Kyivska Street. Thanks to the Consulting & Connect company and its director, Mr. Pawel Stepien, for the delivered humanitarian aid, diapers for children, household chemicals and food products.

My thanks to our partners NGO We Wish for Peace, NGO CNGD “Volonter68”, BF Zhivana for your tirelessness and all your efforts that you make to help where you are. Thank you to our volunteers for all the hundreds of kilometers you drove and for the fact that we can serve and help together. Thanks to the volunteers who worked hard this week at Fastiv, your names are in my prayers.

Together to victory!

father Mykhailo Romaniv OP

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