Fastiv, 28.02.2022

Dear friends!

Last night was relatively quiet! There has been a rotation of our guests coming and leaving for safer places.

Currently, there are 70 people, including small children, who are staying for the coming night. The situation is quite tense. There were fights in the vicinity of the city during the day. The enemy groups were defeated, the plane and the ballistic missile were destroyed. The city is closed at night.
An unusual gift for us was a video meeting with the First Lady Agata Kornhauser-Duda and the Secretary of State in the KPRP, Minister Adam Kwiatkowski!

During the on-line conversation, the First Lady asked about the well-being of our employees and pupils, about the current situation in their area, as well as about the most urgent needs. The First Lady spoke about a series of collections currently organized by Poles and residents of all Europe. She also emphasized her admiration for the fortitude of the residents of the center and the commitment to mutual assistance of our citizens from nearby towns.

Our cafe starts operating in a new mode starting today. The priority is to help the elderly and volunteers from the Territorial Defense. Starting tomorrow you can pick up fresh bread and pastries.
We want to be an oasis of peace and gentleness towards refugees who are arriving in a severe mental state, to help them believe that tomorrow will be better, that God will not abandon us …
In God we trust!
Father Michał, Op

Merci de nous soutenir!

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