Fastiv, 17-20.07.2022

Praised be Jesus Christ!

In three days, five months will pass from the day of the commencement of the massive and insidious attack of the Russian federation on our country … Time also counted by days and nights, because each day brings new victims, blood, tears, destroyed homes, broken lives, torn families, discouragement and pain, pain, a lot of pain, fear … But it is also the time of hope and desire to help the needy, support the military and civilians, and embrace wanderers. Throughout the war, the number of volunteers in our St. Martin Centre has reached 60 people – they work on a permanent basis as volunteers. Many of them were non believers six months ago, but the common ministry at the parish served as a stimulus for them to get to know God, to be interested in the life of the Church, prayer and the sacraments. About a month ago, a large group asked me for a catechesis preparatory to firts confession and holy communion. I see in this as a special grace of God and I expect that during the indulgence celebrations in our parish they will receive their first Holy Communion.

We joyfully carry out our ministry by providing food to those in need. Currently, food parcels have traveled to Kramatorsk and Svitlovodsk in Donbas, Kharkiv, and Bolgrad in the Odessa region. Food was also given to the refugees who live in Fastiv. In total, 1729 food parcels were distributed last week, that is about 10 tons of food products!

In Borodianka, we work with the Central Kitchen, which feeds 500 to 700 residents a day, we bring bread baked in our San Angelo cafe to them.

Today, Ms. Marzena has returned from Poland, she has come together with other Polish volunteers who will be working in our Center in the coming weeks! We would like to thank the Charitable Foundation, Charytatywni Freta for the help and support for our service, we thank Mr. Walentyn Nehrebecki for his constant participation in our charitable initiatives and farm production, which he regularly supports us. Many thanks for the support of the Eaglewatch Foundation – Eaglewatch for the funds for the purchase of food for those in need!

In my prayers I remember everyone who helps. We also ask for prayers for peace in our country!
Fr. Michał Romaniv OP

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