Fastiv, 28-30.07.2022

Praised be Jesus Christ!

There is no day when someone does not ask us for help from among those who suffered from the war and need support! This week we shipped most of the food to the East and to the Kharkiv Oblast – 930 food parcels – a total of almost six tons (5800 kg) of cargo!
We would like to thank the “Polish Center for International Aid” foundation for implementing the project to support people displaced within the country.

This week our hero is our 78-year-old grandfather – Mr. Wiktor Fedorowicz. Despite the advanced age, four strokes and the tragedy of the destruction of his own home, he does not lose his strength of spirit and bravely fights with the difficulties that have come into his life! We are glad that we helped him cover his dilapidated house with a new roof! Our volunteers leave every day to meet the demands and deliver the materials necessary for the renovation of the roofs.

Since yesterday, all our thoughts and prayers are for our prisoners who died in Olenivka, in Donbas. There were held captive defenders of Mariupol, and probably a significant number of our soldiers were killed. To cover up the traces of the crimes of torture and genocide, the prison where our defenders were kept was razed to the ground, while the Russian occupiers falsely claim that the buildings were fired upon by the Ukrainian army! We see a similar cruelty in Mikołajewo, where residential neighborhoods were shelled in the morning hours – people who went out to work or for a walk with their dogs in the morning lost their lives due to the devilish cruelty of the Russians, which destroy everything alive!

After all, we believe in Justice and Victory!!! And every good work brings us closer to the day when God’s Justice will triumph!

We thank each heart that is full of compassion, because every prayer, good word, gesture of good will, every sacrifice is priceless! May the Lord Jesus reward every man of good will with a grace of peace and love!
Fr. Michał Romaniv OP

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