Fastiv, 23-25.06.2022

Praised be Jesus Christ!

This morning it was known what triggered the three air alarms that could be heard at night and in the morning. These were another massive rocket attacks on our country by the Russian federation, and the missiles were fired at the towns and villages of Ukraine from the territory of Belarus. Today at night, Zhytomyr, Mykolaiv and the districts of Lviv, Khmelnytsky, Chernihiv, Kiev and Zhytomyr were attacked. Russian criminals are trying to expand the scale of their crimes, which is why they struck forty missles that night … The lust for blood, hatred and determination with which the enemy attacks us, reminds us every day in these terrible days how much depends on our soldiers, our defenders – peace of our homes and our skies, how great is the goodness of God, who remembers us and supports us!

It so happened that many of our friends are now near Sievierodonietsk. All those who have the opportunity to write something claim that there is a real hell on earth. We, however, pray for them and we will ask you to pray that God will protect and preserve them and all the defenders of our country.
During these days, our volunteers took modular buildings and furniture for two villages: Zahalce and Nowa Buda. Often, during such trips, interesting meetings are held and you can hear the stories from the local people about what happened during the occupation… All stories are unique, but there are always special situations that leave a mark on the heart. Yesterday our boys were assembling a building for an old couple: Mr. Włodzimierz (82 years old) and Mrs. Halina (86 years old), they had two sons whom they lost before the war, and their house was completely ruined during the war. The whole situation in which they found themselves cried out about great injustice, about the pain and helplessness of these people … But when they entered the new house, they touched the walls, furniture, their joy was so great that they were given a roof over their heads, that they can remain on their own plot of land, that a part of their joy was shared with us also. Yes, it is real joy, though sometimes mixed with tears – to bring relief to the distressed and depressed! It seems that the houses that we install in the villages are most liked by children – for them, what is new, nice, is also interesting… All these meetings, joy would not be possible without the active participation of Minister Michał Dworczyk – the President of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland and the Polish Governmental Agency for Strategic Reserves! We would also like to thank the company “Energia” – Mr. Aleksandr Wołyniec and Mr. Vadim Podhornow, and Mr. Włodzimierz Iwanczenko for logistics. We would also like to thank the breweries “Zibert” in the person of Mrs. Luba Onyszczuk for providing the premises for a warehouse for humanitarian aid!

We would like to thank the Mobile Field Hospitals Fund for 1150 kilograms of food supplements for children, which will help the convalescence of children and the injured. These days, we donated 250 kg of food supplements for children to the children’s hospital.
Today we took the roof covering material for a lonely lady whose son died defending the Homeland! I am reporting a great need for roofing materials – about 2,000 m2 – we have over 50 houses in the queue that need a roof, but our financial possibilities are very limited. Therefore, I am asking for help in dealing with this need!

Thank you for your help, prayer and support! Today we especially ask that the Blessed Mother keep us all in her Immaculate Heart and that she also keep our hearts!

With memory in prayer,
Fr. Michał Romaniv OP

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