Fastiv, 27-29.06.2022

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Summer has come and the heat has come. On these hot days, tiredness and discouragement are felt much more. Somewhere on the subconscious level, heat evokes a desire to take a vacation, rest away from work and duties… Just as a thirsty person strives for water to quench his thirst and experience refreshment, so most people want peace and rest! But the war is still going on! Sorrow and fear continue to overwhelm us. On Sunday, we saw our anti-air systems destroy a rocket in our sky above Fastov, which was carrying death and destruction to Kiev. On the other hand, the last two days have been painfully experienced by the tragedy of Kremenchuk and Mikolajiv!

On Monday, we managed to install four modular buildings in Zahalce. The oldest of the recipents, Mrs. Walentyna, who is 95 years old, lives there now. Older people sadly state that the damage done by the enemy is sometimes so strong that in their own way they destroy the entire achievements of life… It is difficult to start everything anew at this age… but there is hope!

We sincerely thank the Minister Michał Dworczyk – the President of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Poland and the Polish Government Agency for Strategic Reserves! We also thank the company “Energia” – Mr. Aleksander Wołyniec and Mr. Wadim Podhornow, and Mr. Włodzimierz Iwanczenko for logistics. We would also like to thank the breweries “Zibert” in the person of Mrs. Luba Onyszczuk for providing the premises for a warehouse for humanitarian aid!

During the last two months of the war, our Center welcomed around sixty children, many of whom suffered from the war. For our educators, each day spent with them was an extraordinary achievement! Dozens of alarms, when it was necessary to hide with children in a cramped cellar – each time it was a call to show, sometimes heroic, patience and ingenuity. We thank the educators for their dedication, and the parents for their trust and endurance.

Thank you for your help, prayer and support! We are stronger thanks to your help! We pray for victory and peace, we pray for everyone who brings help and hope!

With memory in prayer,
Fr. Michał Romaniv OP

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