Fastiv, 6-8.06.2022

Praise Jesus Christ,

The eve of Pentecost is very important to us, and this year we especially looked forward to the Gifts of the Holy Spirit. During the war, a deep bond developed between us and, like never before, we felt a great unity between us. On this Pentecost, we met our volunteers, on the hundredth day of our work together, to give thanks and celebrate the birthday of the Church together.

In recent days, we have been recognizing the needs of the new places to which we have been sent. Over the past three days, we have delivered 1,749 food parcels to those in need, they were delivered to Borodianka, Baryszowka and Lesiczańsk.

We would like to thank the Orla Straż – Eaglewatch Foundation for sending 600 kg of buckwheat from Poland. We would like to thank Mrs. Ljubow Onyszczuk, director of the Fastiv factory Zibert, for donating sweet drinks and kvass.

Today we have received another batch of roofing materials, but our greatest joy was Mrs. Elżbieta Pendzich from the USA and our irreplaceable Dominican Sisters of Jesus and Mary from Fastiv – s. Damiana and s. Monika, who funded washing machines, refrigerators, microwaves and kettles that today were already in the container town donated by Poland. Thank you for your good hearts. The inhabitants of the container town miss their houses a lot. One of it’s inhabitants said today that she have recently renovated her apartment and at the moment she was here …

In the coming days, we will deliver small refrigerators to the villages we support.
Our volunteers made us a nice surprise with asking for Polish language lessons. The first of them took place today.

I thank all those who surround us with prayer, who support us – this is our common service and the only way to overcome evil. Thank you that each of us does specific things for Ukraine in his or her place.
With prayer,
Fr. Michał OP

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