Fastiv, 6-11.2022

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Simple things have a special meaning. On these hot days, we experienced joy because of that we were able to deliver refrigerators (simple things) to the modular town in Borodianka. We thank from our hearts for the help of Mrs. Elżbieta Pędzich from the United States!

On these hot days we feel, however, a chill when our heart freezes with fear and anxiety when we receive calls from Cherson and Sewierodonieck… Hundreds of families: children, women, sick people and
with disabilities, they expect help! There is a shortage of drugs in Kherson, especially for cancer patients; In recent days, we have been collecting drugs to give them to those in need. To the addressees of our help however, the path is not easy – drugs are smuggled in with a risk to the lives of the volunteers who know the proper routes and roads! Food is often lacking. Nevertheless, we are trying to help our friends in need!

There is no lack of heroic attitudes among those who painfully experience the effects of the war
giving love to others. Today people from Chernihiv, who transported there 3.5 tonsil food from us, told us a story about a woman who alone, without an apartment brings up seven other children, orphans by the war!

We took construction materials to the vicinity of Makarow for the renovation of another ten houses. We would like to thank the Orla Straż Foundation for the implementation of this project!
Tomorrow is the celebration of the Holy Trinity, I believe and I am deeply convinced that each of us has a special place in the very center of the Love of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit! All the time we are discovering the extraordinary power of the unity of a community of loving hearts, which somehow reflects The Mystery of the Holy Trinity! God made us for the community! Thank you on this day of
Holy Unity to all who have accompanied us and accompany us in our service and prayer!

The memory of the Father and the Love of the Son and the Grace of the Holy Spirit will keep us all in eternity!

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