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On February 20, we created the Strategy of the House of St. Marcin, in a difficult time and on the same day, we accepted 40 children from Mariupol, who were saved at the last minute, as part of the current project “rehabilitation of the children from the gray zone”, which we have been running since 2016. When the full-scale invasion began, we immediately opened a mobile shelter from day one and launched a humanitarian mission to support and effectively help the victims of the war. Hundreds of people who fled from the north of the Kiev region stayed with us from the first days. Not a single day did we stop providing humanitarian aid, psychological support and numerous social services to victims. We could not have done this without the support of Friends and Benefactors – I am personally grateful to each of you for your calls, letters and messages. There would not be so much without the huge support of about 100 volunteers – we would like to thank everyone for their time, strength and courage.

Love conquers fear and leads us to freedom and victory!

Fr. Michał Romaniv OP

Today is the


day of war

Each act of mercy brings our Victory closer!

We evacuated


people to Poland

We renovated



and gave away
7610 sq. м.

of roofing materials

We installed


modular buildings

We gave away


kilograms of clothing

We sew


tactical vests

We gave away

12 581

units of drugs to those in need

We have baked

43 939

loaves of bread

We delivered

8 300 kg

of food for children

We gave away


kilograms of pet food

We carried out


charity fairs
for 4200 kids in formerly occupied areas

We brought



We sent

77 665

targeted assistance product packages

We were supported by

110 volunteers

who carried out

243 missions

travelled 78 450 km

We helped
79 localities

In total, we handed over to victims of military aggression

490 717 kg

of humanitarian aid

623 245 kg

were essential products

We gave to Armed Forces


buletproof vests




tactical helmets




thermal imaging camera



We help in over 60 towns

Reports on our activities

  • November 23-26, 2022
    Fastiv, 23-26.11.2022 Praissed be Jesus Christ! A week ago, together with the people of Kherson, although they were without electricity and water, we rejoiced at the liberation of this southern city. Unfortunately, these days, the Read more…
  • November 20-23, 2022
    Fastiv, 20-23.11.2022 Praised be Jesus Christ! ​We are writing this letter to you a few hours after the Kyiv region was bombarded with 31 missiles, 21 of which were shot down by our air forces Read more…
  • November 17-19, 2022
    Fastiv, 17-19.11.2022 Praised be Jesus Christ! Today our group returned from Kherson. So, a few words about liberated Kherson! Despite the fact that the city is deprived of electricity and water and the cold hurts, Read more…
  • November 13-16, 2022
    Fastiv, 13-16.11.2022 Praised be Jesus Christ! ​On Friday, Kherson was liberated, and on Monday, 200 food kits were already there. We thank our friends and partners, in particular Serhiy Tarasenko and Ihor Chorny. We are Read more…
  • November 7-12, 2022
    Fastiv, 7-12.11.2022 Praised be Jesus Christ! ​The main event of this week was a visit to those areas of Kharkiv region that were recently liberated from Russian occupation, in particular to Izyum. We set off Read more…

At this difficult time, the Center engages more than

100 volunteers

Support us!

They help us during the war

Thank you!

The Dominican Family