Welcome to the website of the Christian Saint Martin de Porres Center. I want to share our motto with you: “We try to provide the child with at least one day without hunger in a safe and warm place. A smile is a thank you! “

father Michael Romaniv OP

Our Creed

The main goal of the Saint Martin Center is to provide comprehensive assistance to people in difficult and hopeless life circumstances, especially the youngest and most vulnerable, as well as children with disabilities. Counteracting child poverty, which is a continuation of the service of the House of St. Martin de Porres

Christian education

The Center provides Christian integration education for children from the age of 3, and also provides rehabilitation services for people with disabilities.

Help in a crisis

The Center’s activities are aimed at providing comprehensive assistance to people in difficult situations. Particularly lonely minor mothers and people in the crisis of homelessness.


The heart and strength of our service is Holy Mass and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. Alpha Course, Propovidnyk, and Light from above are our evangelistic projects.

Cultural space

The Center has a sport and recreation complex, a social enterprise – San Angelo and a theater studio.

Last year in numbers

lunches for those in need
lunches for children visiting the Center
persons covered by rehabilitation support
kilograms of clothes collected and distributed to those in need

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Our stories


Single mother

I’m 29 years old, my story is very interesting and sad



… The vocabulary increased significantly, before it was about 10 words.



Children are my greatest and best teachers, of course apart from God

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