Fastiv, 15.03.2022

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Today at 7:00 a frightened friend from Kiev wrote to me: her father and grandfather’s apartment was destroyed by bombings. I immediately called another friend with whom we often went on the Kyiv-Berdyczów pilgrimage and asked about their condition. It turned out that the bombed building was 300 meters away from her apartment. Already in the evening she came to Fastiv with our other friends. Here is a war that you can literally touch with your hand, because it applies to our relatives and friends…

Today, we distributed humanitarian aid to the needy and the lonely: we distributed over 700 packages. We are testing a new way of bringing humanitarian aid – via state railways! It turns out it is much cheaper this way, and this scheme is more effective We would especially like to thank our Friends from Lviv who collect the necessary things for us, which we share with those in need.

The San Angelo cafe, together with bakers who work 24/7 in two shifts, baked over the last two days and distributed over 2,000 loaves of bread. This is our record, thank you very much!

We are full of appreciation for all those who pray and care for us. You are our help, our pride, our support in such a difficult time. Let every word and every gesture of your kindness be rewarded by the Good God!
Night, alarm in the shelter. At 8:50 pm, buses, carrying more than 50 people evacuated from Chernihiv, arrived at the St. Martin Center, practically exclusively children, asking for accommodation. We welcome them all and try to smile after a hard day. Warmth and closeness are so important. Today, 76 people sleep in the Center.

Finally, we would like to announce that we have renewed the educational process in our St. Martin’s School – partially distant, and children who remain in the city can come to classes. We see in this a special hope that quite soon we will return to normal life!
Fr. Michał OР

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