Fastiv, 21.03.2022

Praised be Jesus Christ!

The situation has not changed in the last few days. You can feel the tension in the air which, despite the fact that the Russian troops have been pushed back, is still fueled by the sound of anti-air alarms that go off regularly during the day and night. There is a strict curfew from this evening until Wednesday morning, so we suspend the basic forms of our service until the day after tomorrow.

As we have already mentioned, the Russian army was pushed back, but the small town of Makarów suffered during the fighting (the center of the commune, located approx. 50 km to the north, with a population of 15,000). Today we learned about the bloodcurdling details of the brief Russian occupation from our friends who told about their personal acquaintances – women and children – who were shot to death by Russian soldiers while trying to leave the city. A large part of the city has been ruined and almost all of it is deserted.

Last Saturday, we evacuated 49 people to Poland, most of them from Kryvyi Rih. We received invaluable help in this from the wife of the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Ukraine, Monika Kapa-Cichocka and Mr. Paweł Stępień. We got help from our Friends from Warsaw «Charytatywni Freta». We are grateful to all the donors and volunteers who help collect and pack the necessary things here. Special thanks to the Marshal of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland, Elżbieta Witek, and to the deputies and employees of the Chancellery of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland.

These days we have helped retirees, especially those who have mobility problems. We also helped large families. An important way of carrying out help is a pharmacy kiosk, to which many people in need come.
Together with our friend – Mr. Aleksandr Klimenek – in the near future we are organizing an exhibition and sale of his icons in Warsaw (Mr. Aleksandr is the creator of icons made in a special painting technique – his icons are made on boards, taken from boxes of military ammunition).

Thank you all for your prayers and help! We thank our volunteers for their dedication and work! Thank God!
о. Michal ОР

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