Fastiv, 02.03.2022

Dear friends!

This morning, at 8:00 a.m. a group of 50 children and their mothers left us, crossed the border and happily reached Sandomierz. The total journey time was 19 hours. We have already formed the next trip and we expect that tomorrow 100 children with their mothers will go to Poland.

Regardless of the circumstances, the kitchen and bakery feed Rose in need – 200 loaves for Territorial Defense and the poor. For dinner you could enjoy delicious Ukrainian dumplings.

Today the situation in our city is calm. However, towns located within 50-100 km (Żytomierz, Makarów, Borodianka, Bucza, Irpień) suffer and bleed. As of today, over 2,000 people have died across the country. Even more people are injured, including children. Our hearts are choked by this news. We try to remain calm, give hope, and we expect Ukraine to survive.

Here are a few more words about what is good. The goods that flow from our Friends have no end and no country. Yesterday, in my hometown, in Czortków in the Tarnopol region, help for babies was collected, because now it is very difficult to buy baby food in our area. Volunteers bought everything that could be found, and tomorrow we are handing it over to the Central Children’s Hospital “OCHMADYT” (Mother and Child Protection). The help we received today from Lviv, Tarnopol and Czortków, and from the Association of Charismatic Communities, will be given to the needy.

Remarkable stubbornness and solidarity bind us together in this difficult time. We are not alone and we thank you for that. And in conclusion. Our Ola – the best painter, ceramist and one of the first volunteers of our House from 2005 – celebrates her birthday today!
Fr. Michał OР

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