Fastiv, 03.03.2022

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Tonight was not peaceful, we had to go to the shelter several times. Fortunately, however, we are all alive and healthy. All night our bakers baked bread for men from the Territorial Defense and all those in need (especially the elderly, the sick and the lonely) – 300 loaves.

This morning, 116 people – mothers and children – left for Poland (to Sandomierz and Lublin) for evacuation. It’s painful and joyful at the same time. We are glad that mothers of disabled children have decided to leave. They will be safe and peaceful during these days. These groups have already reached the border and will be on the Polish side in a few hours. Meet them!

We are organizing another transport for tomorrow – again we are waiting for around 100 people. We would like to thank our friends – “Chrytatywni na Freta” – from whom we have received valuable help today – including (and this is the most important!) Palliative drugs provided by Mikołaj and Weronika. On the other hand, our friends from Czortków and Lviv handed over to us almost a “wagon” 🙂 of dumplings, bacon, cookies, sweets and cans with preservation. We try to use all the products we receive to the maximum for those in need from the city, Territorial Defense and the inhabitants of adjacent villages.

Volunteers from Vinnytsia (who seem to never sleep, and we don’t even know how they manage to move so fast!) gathered special nutrition for infants in our Center for next two months, and bought drugs for Fastowski City Hospital. Tomorrow will be more!

We are begging for prayer! We are very worried about children from orphanages in the Donetsk region. And especially pray for the evacuation of the Cherson Children’s Building. The hardest part is still ahead of us. It is about people from Mariupol, Kherson and other cities of the East and South, who suffered these days and who have literally NOTHING left. They will need all kinds of help and rehabilitation.

Thank you! All of you are God’s great miracle to us! May God protect you!
Father Michał OP

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