Fastiv, 04.03.2022

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Today was a day when we couldn’t count the number of air alerts. Nevertheless, the situation in Fastiv and its vicinity is relatively stable.

The main goal of our ministry these days has been to care for the hungry, and we try to distribute bread and food among the needy, as far as possible. Many elderly people come to our Center to receive material help. Groceries are becoming harder and harder to buy in the city’s supermarkets.
During these days we also help doctors and centers that need special care. We are very grateful to our Friends from Warsaw to Western Ukraine who care so much about us by sending food that we can distribute.

Today we were supposed to deliver about 1.5 tons of food to the psychiatric hospital in Glewasze. There are currently about 300 patients there. Fuel was hard to find and our boys stayed where they were. At the same time, the village of Marchaliwka was bombed near Glewacha. Several buildings were destroyed, 5 people died, including 3 children. We very much regret this. But God guides and guards us – we moved our trip to the next morning …

We are planning the evacuation of 150 people tomorrow, 70 of whom are currently staying with us.
We feel the power of your prayer to protect us. We continually thank God for your concern for us. We pray and ask that good God be your reward.

And at the very end. Our groups that are staying in Sandomierz (100 people) today met with the First Lady of the Republic of Poland, Mrs. Agata Kornhauser-Duda, and the Secretary of State in the Chancellery of the President of the Republic of Poland, Mr. Adam Kwiatkowski. We pay special appreciation to the wife of the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Ukraine, Monika Kapa-Cichocka!
Thank you for your support during this difficult time!
о. Michal ОР

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