Fastiv, 07.03.2022

Praised be Jesus Christ!

Not far from Fastiv, 20 km away, there is the tiny town of Bysziv, where a Dominican monastery used to be. Several of our parishioners live there now. The town was bombed at night – many houses were destroyed, people were left homeless. Tomorrow we are waiting for refugees from another city 50 km north of us – Makariv – which also suffered twice from shelling and bombing. Many buildings were completely destroyed. All these events make the situation in our Fastiv more nervous and tense. People are scared and irritated.

In the past two days, we managed to evacuate 244 people (mothers and children), they left for more secure places, including the hospitable Korbielów. Once again, we would like to thank Fr Krzysztof Ruszel and his associates for taking care of our refugees.

Today we managed to bring help to the center for the elderly (200 people), they received food for a few days. Today we also distributed 350 food packages for retirees and many children from Fastiv. We would not be able to distribute everything that we get among people of different ages and in need without the help of our Friends from Lviv, Chortkiv, Tarnopol and other places in Western Ukraine, as well as with the help of regular supplies from Warsaw from “Charytatywni Freta” and indifferent friends. It’s all thanks to YOU!

We would also like to thank the extremely brave men from Lviv, who came together under the leadership of Mr. Aleksander Sidielnikov, for taking 60 women and children with their cars. We would like to thank the volunteers from the Ukrainian Catholic University – we managed to get the whole families out! We also thank them for a great batch of pampers and baby food. Along with all this, they provided humanitarian aid from Catholics in Rome.

At the very end, we would like to talk about a positive element which is evidence of great mutual kindness. Namely, that our volunteers who serve all day, carrying a lot of heavy things, dealing with difficult and dangerous jobs, bringing help here and there, got their own masseur! For the next few days, we will make sure that a hairdresser also comes to us!

We commend ourselves to your prayers!
Glory to Ukraine! Glory to the heroes!
Father Michał OP

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