Fastiv, 11-13.05.2022

Christ rose from the dead

In recent days, together with our volunteers, we have provided roofing to the surrounding villages destroyed by bombing. The needs are huge, we try to make new friendships, help the elderly, large families and single people to rebuild what is left of their homes.

Today we visited three villages for the first time: Potashnya, Nova Buda and Zagalczyw. During the fighting in the village, the school, kindergarten, town council and church were damaged. The village administrator is trying to organize an aid point for the inhabitants of the commune in the ruined hospital. We have brought about 400 food parcels to these villages, for which we wholeheartedly thank Minister Michał Dworczyk, the Head of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister and the Government Strategic Reserves Agency for the humanitarian aid provided.

The above-mentioned villages in the Kiev region have about 300 houses that have been damaged or completely destroyed by the Russian army. We saw people returning to them with our own eyes. They are still attached to their land. One of the women from Makarov, whose house was destroyed, went to her own garden to plant potatoes: “Half an hour ago I came back from the Ivano-Frankivsk region and despite the lack of a house, I have to plant a garden.” This woman and most of the villagers live with their neighbors or in the hastily adapted cellars.

The most beautiful moment of the day was a gift for the inhabitants of the village of Andriyivka, to which we delivered 1000 chickens. We are waiting for the next batch of chickens that give people joy and hope.
We would like to thank our friends from Zupa na Monciaku for financial support. We would like to thank our volunteers and employees for their tireless work.

We ask you for prayer.
We trust God!
Father Michal OP

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