Fastiv, 19-21.05.2022

Christ rose from the dead!!!

Laudare, benedicere, praedicare – praise, bless, preach! – These are the words you can see on our Dominican coat of arms. And for us – the Dominican community of the House of St. Martin de Porres, the reason for pride is that these words are embodied in the lives of those people wounded by war, whom we meet in tripled villages, in their dilapidated houses, who, despite everything, and thanks to our help, smile and look hopefully to the future, rebuilding their broken world! It is a precious gift of God’s grace that our help helps our brothers and sisters to regain what is most important to them!

We thank the amazing people from the “Eagle Guard – Eaglewatch” foundation – which helps people in towns suffering from the effects of wars and we are happy that we share this mission with them!
Yesterday we spent the whole day in Borodianka, where, together with our cafe San Angelo, we offered burgers, hot dogs and tasty coffee. Such little joys in life help restore mental health, severely strained by the experience of the atrocities of the Russian occupation! These days, we distributed 1,514 packages of food (7,570 Kg).

Today we have received the roofing material and from Monday we are starting to help those families who need the renovation of dilapidated houses.

Thank you for your support and sacrificial help Fundacja Charytatywni, Charytatywni Freta – just this afternoon, Mr. Paweł Bandarzewski brought gifts for those in need, and to Mr. Zygmunt Skołożyński and the company Neon Efekt gave means of transport and permanently supports us financially and to the wife of the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Ukraine, Mrs. Monika Kapa-Cichocka! We would like to thank Mrs. Lubov Onyshchuk – plant manager of the Zibert brewery, for drinks and kvass! To all volunteers, helpers, for their zeal and tireless service!

We pray for you every day.
Father Michał OP

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