Fastiv, 22-24.05.2022

Christ rose from the dead!!!

Spring is a special time. People in the countryside are still on their plots of land, gardens, and houses … Currently, it is just a plot of land, the ground is what is left, because there are no houses anymore, only soil burnt down by bombing … Today I met in an on of the villages covered with our help, an old couple whose house has been almost completely destroyed, only a small farm building remains, in which they now live – these people were grateful that we had renovated the roof of this modest cottage for them. It was the village of Kalinówka near Makarów.

We would like to thank our friends from Orla Straż – Eaglewatch. In recent days, in Andrijwka, six houses have been covered with a new roof – thanks for the help from Friends in the Evangelical Church of Rówieńszczyzna! More and more people are asking for help because people get brave and come back, unfortunately often to the ruins! We wish not to leave anyone without help. We want help to go directly to those in need in their specific needs and problems. Now, knowing about the specific needs, we ask for household items – especially refrigerators – 10 pcs, microwaves, multifunctional cooking appliances, TV sets… We will gladly accept these items and take them to places where they are necessary. In the near future, we plan to conduct Children’s Day in Borodianka and Makarów, as well as in Fastiv itself, for refugees from the war zone!

In these tragic days, every child’s smile is worth its weight in gold. That is why we want to give the children whose carefree childhood has been stolen, a few hours of holidays so that they can forget about the war even for a moment! We thank the volunteers and all our friends who remember about us and care for us!

With memory in prayer – Father Michał!

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