Christ rose from the dead!!!

On Saturday, we welcomed in our doorstep the wife of the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Kiev, Mrs. Monika Kapa-Cichocka. The hard and painful experiences of the last tragic months of the war, somehow in a special way, strengthened our friendship and unanimity in what we do for the service of suffering and war-troubled people!

Furthermore, Saturday was the birthday of our Reverend Father Jaroslaw Krawiec – so the meeting took on an even more solemn and cordial note in which our feelings for each other resound. After a short celebration in our center, we set off in the direction of Borodianka and Makarov …

Today we delivered building materials to Niezhyowice and Makarov, and in Ozirszczyna, which is nearby, we assessed the damage, and then we helped with the renovation of the roofs! We are preparing for the celebration of the Children’s Day. This year, the manner of carrying it out and the addressees will be slightly changed. First of all, it will be devoted to the children who suffered from the war and children who were forced to leave their cities and their homes, and are currently staying in Fastov. For this celebration, we have already received over 2.1 tons of sweets from PZU Ukraine, we thank the Head of the Board of the private joint-stock company of the insurance company, Mr. Jacek Adrian Matusiak and Mr. Pawel Stempel for all support and help! We would like to thank the Friends of the Eagle Guard – Eaglewatch for the donated 600 liters of oil – nowadays it is quite a scarce product that people really need! Yesterday the

Dominican Community of Służew in Warsaw held a fair at our monastery. We thank all the donors, especially the Freta Charity and Charity Foundation for organizing the event, carrying it out and dedicated work !!! We thank the benefactors, volunteers and pray for your intentions every day!
Father Michał! OP

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