Fastiv, 4-5.05.2022

Christ rose from the dead!

Our main task is to help the inhabitants of villages and towns where people are trying to renew their apartments and houses, are busy tidying up their lives and want to take up its challenges anew. This week, we managed to distribute over 7 tons of food parcels as well as hygiene and cleaning products: we were, among others, in Worzel and in the villages around Fastiv. In Borodianka, they are starting to build temporary flats for those whose houses are seriously damaged. We brought quilts, blankets and kitchen equipment for them – thank you for this “Soup on Monciak”! We also brought building materials with appropriate equipment to Andriyivka, Fasova and Niżyowicze. In Andriyivka, together with our Protestant brothers from the Rivne region (eastern Volyn) – who became a great gift not only for us, but above all for the inhabitants of the affected villages! – three houses have been renovated today. One of them is home to a young woman whose husband was killed and she stayed with two small children… Now she has a roof over her head, and it is a great joy and consolation for us! Dear friends, it would be impossible without you!

Yesterday 49 people from Mikołajewo went to evacuate to Poland, and we are glad that they can stay in a safe place. We would like to thank Julia Krawczenko, the General Service for Children and Youth at the Municipal Council of Mikołajewo, Mr. Viktor Berlin and the insurance company “Guardian” for transport!

We would like to thank the wife of the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland in Ukraine, Monika Kapa-Cichocka and Mr. Paweł Stępień for supporting the evacuation!

We would like to thank the Foundation of the St. Dominic’s Sisters (especially sister Sara with her friends) and the Kiev branch of the Caritas-Spes mission, its volunteers and Mr. Oleh Oweczko!

Grace and peace from Our Lord be with you all, our beloved friends!
Father Michał OP

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