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Women at risk of violence in their own families, as well as for single and underage mothers who are on the poverty line and for people without documents.

How do we help?

After the initial interview and signing the contract, you’ll be able to get comprehensive assistance in the area of social adaptation, legal advice and mediation in resolving difficult disputes, depending on your needs. We guarantee you a safe and comfortable stay from 1 to 9 months in our Center. We are always ready to help if you want to work with us for the good of your children.

If you are a pregnant minor mother who is desperate for helplessness and loneliness, we want to help you. Don’t be afraid, say “no” to despair. The Lord loves you.

We are waiting for you!

Call 0636038301, or write to us:

We have already helped 29 mothers and 57 children.

Mrs. Zina

During the 73 years of her life, she raised 11 children, including two of her own and nine adopted. In her old age she took care of her two granddaughters because her mother abandoned them when they were little. Unfortunately, she suffered from psychological and physical violence by her own adult children. Therefore, in the winter of 2017, neighbors from the village of Stawyshche and a local priest brought Zina and her granddaughters to our Center to save them from danger. The girls’ eyes changed and instead of tears we saw the smile more often. Eight months later, Zina took the children she looked after to her eldest daughter, probably feeling she had little time left. She died within 3 months. We know that the granddaughters were already under the care of the eldest daughter, i.e. in a safe place. We are grateful to Mrs. Zina for her testimony of dedication in motherhood. Rest in peace.


I am 43 years old and I have two children, but unfortunately I am homeless now. I have a house in Kiev, but I have to rent it to have any income. Two years ago I even lived at the train station, where I often got hot meals from Caritas. There, for the first time, I heard about Fastiv and the Center from my brother Sebastian. I didn’t have the strength to come and I waited almost a year before I arrived. At the beginning I stayed only for 8 days. When we took a warm shower and ate, I finally felt safe after many years of homelessness. So we came again and stayed longer. Here the children went to the kindergarten for the first time, and by that time my boys hardly talked. The Center’s specialists’ care, love and assistance have contributed to their development. The boys grew, became stronger, began to speak. I am very grateful for the help. Today we live in the village of Kotsyubynske, my children are finishing second grade and although there are many problems, we always warmly remember this time. It was 6 months of peaceful and comfortable life like at home!


I’m 29 years old, my story is very interesting and sad. There were seven of us in the family, I am the oldest of my siblings. In 2003 our house burned down and I lived without documents until I was 25 years old. From an early age I would come to the house of Saint Martin because it was warm there and you could always eat delicious food. I dreamed about my own family because alcohol was often abused at home and I just wanted peace. In 2014, I met what I thought was love. But I often cried and felt lonely because I was locked in a house like in a prison all day. One day I ran to the San Martin Center, because I didn’t have anywhere to go. A few days later I got very sick, and a week later, in the 5th month of pregnancy, my son Jakub was born prematurely. If not for the help of the Saint Martin’s Center probably neither I nor my son would be safe. Today Jakub is 3 years old and I am still learning how to be a mother!

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