Fastiv, 2-5.11.2022

​Saint Martin de Porres was an exceptional person. Close to everyone: rich and poor, people in need and well-off, from a sick beggar who had nowhere to lay his head to the viceroy of Peru, he was isolated only by the wall of the Dominican monastery, in which he lived and gained great authority and love from the inhabitants of the city, above all gained holiness and salvation. Martin, a tireless servant of the brothers and all who turned to him, could find a common language with people, sometimes very imperfect, among whom were priests, his brothers in calling and animals who obeyed his words! Today, celebrating the memory of St. Martin, we feel the closeness of the one who was an apostle of peace, consoled the needy and cared for the least. Thank you today for 17 years of service at St. Martin’s House for all the children, who today alone were about a hundred people present in the church; and during these years there were so many children that it is difficult to list them, the names of the first children are written on our wall above the stairs in the St. Martin’s House – under his patronage we managed to help many of them, to give new hope for a new happy life!

Today is a special occasion to thank you, our dear ones, who take such care of us and there is not a single day that God, through you, does not endow us with His love and benefits necessary for work and service! This is an exceptional holiday also because it was attended by more than thirty volunteers who are serving in this difficult time, and even as we write this text by candlelight, our volunteers are pouring 2,000 liters of oil, donated by the Myronivsky plant for the production of cereals and compound feed, in two days it will go in Izyum, Kharkiv region.​

Our friends from Warsaw, Mr. Jakub Lipsky, together with colleagues and students from the university, developed a project of temporary quick-installation windows, which he personally brought to us from Warsaw and in a few days, they will go to Balaklia. We send our humanitarian goods to Kharkiv Oblast, Kherson Oblast and Chernihiv Oblast, a total of 1,368 food packages (10,510 kg) were distributed during the week.​

We are grateful for the sacrificial service in packing humanitarian cargo to Izyum and Balaklia, to the director of the DOLINDO Volunteer Center, Mr. Yevgenia Ivanyuk, for 5,000 candles, more than 50 mattresses, warm blankets, 200 units of medical drugs, and for mediation in obtaining and delivering fragrant oil! We thank Eagle Watch Foundation for the purchase of personal hygiene products for victims of military aggression. Thank you to the community of secular Dominicans from Zwolle for your concern.

I sincerely thank everyone for every gesture of kindness, your prayer, comment under the post, sharing, for every donation! May the good Lord and Saint Martin take care of each of you!

​With prayer and faith in Victory!

Father Mykhailo OP

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