Fastiv, 7-12.11.2022

Praised be Jesus Christ!

​The main event of this week was a visit to those areas of Kharkiv region that were recently liberated from Russian occupation, in particular to Izyum. We set off in seven cars together with Fr. Vitaly Martsyniuk, parish priest of the Greek Catholic parish of St. Dimitry the Great Martyr, Fr. Jaroslaw Krawiec OP, the provincial vicar of our vicariate of the Dominican fathers and the director of the Dolindo volunteer center Mr. Yevhenii Ivanyuk from Myronivka.

​Once again we met people who survived six months of occupation and again the time has come for stories full of suffering and pain. Above all, we sought to share our faith in God. Hope and faith, which guide us and lead us on such roads, on which we meet these people with mutilated fates, are needed first of all by these affected people, in order not to despair, not to close in their pain, not to lose the will to live… We share the collected things, that are most necessary in these difficult conditions – things that people need so much in these cold months: food products, household chemicals, medicines, blankets, candles, warm clothes, fruits and vegetables, which were shared by our friends from Byshov and Brusylov.

​Also this week, we sent cargo to Kherson region and Chernihiv region. A total of 2,916 packages (18,600 kg) were distributed.

​Thank you to the San Angelo coffee shop for the bread and cakes for the smallest residents of Kharkiv Oblast. We thank our friends from whom we received help this week, in particular the “Help to Poles in the East” fund, represented by director Mykola Folkovskyi. Thank you for the clothes from the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Kyiv, the Land Store Foundation and the wife of the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland, Mrs. Monika Kapa-Cichocka. Thank you for the common prayer and the Eucharist to Bishop-ordinary Pavlo Honcharuk.

Thank you for the help with refueling our humanitarian vehicles of the Charitable Foundation, the Freta Charitable Group and the Dominican sisters – missionaries of Jesus and Mary from Fastov. We thank Sister Kamila, the abbess of the House of Hope, who received us hospitably.

We thank our volunteers for their hard work and the opportunity to rely on them both day and night. Father Mykhailo OP

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