Fastiv, 27.11-03.12.2022

Praised be Jesus Christ.​

Yesterday we returned from our fourth humanitarian mission, the goal of which was Kharkiv Oblast, namely the locality: the villages Kunye, Zalyman, Volobuyvka, Chepil, Permovaiske and the towns of Balaklia and Izyum. We delivered 10 tons of humanitarian supplies of basic necessities – 1,500 food kits, warm clothes, blankets, pillows, medications, a generator and gas burners.

People are slowly returning to the destroyed Raisin and now, more than ever before, it is noticeable how the cold is bothering them, and winter is still ahead. Every time we come to Izyum, we visit a blind old woman who is 84 years old, and not far from her there is another old woman who is 102 years old. Talking with them one feels a special blessing, receives warm words and a smile and an incredible hope that things will improve and there will be Victory. And the impression that you get more than you give when you hug a blind woman.​

Dear friends, we ask for your support! If you can, we really need heaters, chemical heaters, warm clothes, warm blankets, generators, gloves. One woman told me that the temperature in her apartment is +3 degrees. It is difficult to buy firewood, the queue is scheduled until February 2023. Therefore, the challenge for us is to provide as many means for heating as possible.

This week, our aid was also delivered to Kherson region and Chernihiv region. On Thursday, we also supported forcibly resettled persons – more than 300 families living in the Fastiv OTG, in total 2,478 food kits (15,100 kg) were distributed. ​

We thank the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland, Mr. Bartosz Cichocki, who wanted to share this mission with us, as well as for the companionship, care and solidarity of the ambassador’s wife, Ms. Monika Kapa-Cichocka. To our Friends of Charitable Freta and the Charitable Foundation, we thank all the volunteers who packed, loaded humanitarian aid and delivered it to Kharkiv region. Thank you for the hospitable and warm welcome to the Orionist sisters from the House of Hope. Thank you to everyone who supports us in this difficult time with prayer and charitable contributions, I remember everyone in my prayers.

father Michael OP

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