Fastiv, 23-26.10. 2022

Praised be Jesus Christ!

When there is a lack of electricity, it is difficult to get used to our reality and switch to work, but this is how all our friends live in many cities of Ukraine. It is especially difficult when it concerns our service: baking bread, the work of volunteers and forcibly displaced people who live in our Center. Not for the first time, since the beginning of the war, we reformat our services and believe in victory.

Today I spoke with friends in Kherson, the occupiers are taking everything out of the city: from buses and fire engines to ordinary grocery stores. Residents of Kherson stock up on food and water to survive these days, which will bring them the freedom they dreamed of. We believe that in the coming weeks Kherson will be free and we will go there with our humanitarian mission, remember in your prayers about the people who are now being forcibly deported and for all those who are still in place.

On these rainy days, it is most gratifying to help someone warm up, we deliver blankets and warm things to everyone in need. We also continue to provide roofing. We can help speed up the victory of the Armed Forces, that is why we supported Mr. Yevgeny Smirnov’s charitable initiative and financially supported the purchase of a car for the International Legion, which is already performing tasks on the front lines. In the first decade of November, we are preparing our humanitarian mission to Izyum and ask you to support us with your donations: household chemicals, food products. We are also looking for partners who help buy these goods, sew blankets and pillows. We know that people in Izyum and surrounding villages need our sympathy and effective help. I would like to thank the private individuals who support us every month with their donations to the Privatbank card and our charity fund, thanks to you we can face the new day with more confidence every day. Although we do not know you, your kindness is in our hearts and I pray for each of you. Thank you to the children and teachers of Mary Ward School in Kempton, who supported St. Martin’s Center in Fastiv and organized a charity marathon in support of Ukraine, special thanks to our friend, the Chairman of the Foundation, Mr. Jürgen Timmer, for supporting charity activities since 2009, together we were able to support street children in the most difficult moments of their lives and rehabilitation of children with disabilities, we sincerely thank you. We thank the Eagle Watch Foundation for your effective and quick support for civilians affected by military aggression. Thank you to the community of secular Dominicans in Zwolle, the director Mr. Peter Nift, Mr. Franz and all the parishioners and Dominican fathers in Zwolle, thank you for your faithful friendship and your prayers.

Father Mykhailo OP

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