A place of happy children

The main task of our institution is to fulfill the requirements of the Parental Standard of Educational Foundation and to ensure the overall development of the child. Equally in the measure of his intellectual, physical and creative abilities through Christian upbringing and socialization of the individual.

School mission

Learning in the atmosphere of mutual help and unconditional acceptance of the child as a person. Helping to understand one’s self and the world through prayer and own good teacher example. Forming life skills necessary for further education. Support in teaching children with various mental disorders.

The school promotes the education of children with disabilities by creating conditions and support for a full-fledged educational process, in accordance with correction programs approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

The most important advantages of our school:

Full day school from 8.30 AM to 5.00 PM.

Learning in small classes up to 12 people.

Certificate of the state standard for primary education. Identification code 42595240 of our license.

The territory is completely closed and equipped with an access control system and security. There is constant video surveillance that gives parents confidence that their child is safe while studying!

The school has a convenient location in the city center.

Remote learning with synchronous pedagogical support.

Specialized groups adapted for education of children with mental disorders.

We provide bilingual eduaction and communication in Polish and Ukrainian. During the school year it is possible to practice and go on a trip to Poland for children after the 3rd grade.

Traditional teaching + innovative program.

Project activities from first class.

Learning foreign languages and other cultures with the collaboration of native speakers

The development of creative thinking.

 Certification for homeschoolers (for those who study at home).

School classes

Every day we offer students an interesting and joyful rest combined with various activities. We care for the health and sustainable development of the child, that is why our pupils have enough time for walks, rest and work in groups.


Dancing is the best way to improve your mood and to learn to express yourself. Movement and dynamics are so necessary for the child to develop and feel happy. Our school offers classes for children with a professional choreographer.

Pottery workshop

Ceramics is not only interesting, but also useful. After all, you can not only relax, but also create something with your own hands. What a pleasure children get by enjoying a new ceramic product! If your child wants to try this art, a pottery workshop is waiting for him.

Carpentry workshop

If you want your child to learn not only how to draw or carve well, we advise you to try woodworking as well. The goal of carpentry workshops is to show that you don’t have to buy ready-made items, but also try to make them yourself.

Tennis and soccer lessons

Sport is always pleasant for children. But for parents it is also a guarantee of the child’s health. In addition, it is convenient when you can play tennis and football in one place without running between the fields.

Horse Riding

Horse riding is an effective way to alleviate the child’s mental and physical stress. Equestrian sports have an extremely positive effect on children. A special value of horse riding is not only the physical effort devoted to keeping the saddle, but also communication with these noble animals.

Knowledge of finances

If you want your child to be successful, happy and financially independent, you must teach them how to manage money. Probably all children know what money is and how to spend it. But the question is how to save and use them for the right things? Our school offers basic financial skills training.

Singing in the choir

Children’s involvement in music begins with singing because it is the most accessible form of musical art. The workshop is very important in this matter. In the process of learning to sing, the child develops aesthetics, forms as a person and, of course, improves his musical skills.

Sewing workshop

Cozy workshops where children immerse themselves in the interesting world of creating soft toys, try themselves as a fashion designer of doll clothes or simply sew handkerchiefs for their mothers.

Relax and rest

It’s hard for children to stay focused for a long time. They need a place where they can relax, vent their energy and regenerate it.
So that children can come back to strength in our school there is a soft gym, a sensory room and a green room in which, listening to the singing of birds and quiet music, they can relax. Thanks to that they can learn with greater enthusiasm after a break.

We care about immunity and physical education

In our school, children undergo ten-day prophylaxis with halotherapy in the salt cave twice a year. The air in the salt cave is similar to the sea breeze. Spending time in a pleasant atmosphere also helps to improve mood and well-being.

A special class for children with severe mental disorders

At the request of parents, in September 2020 we opened a special class for children with serious mental disorders. This is the only special class for disabled children in Fastów. Children learn in accordance with the programs of the Ministry of Education and Science, including an individual rehabilitation program.

School leisure time

School is not just learning and lessons in the classroom. Every day, we go out with the children for one-hour walks, where we practice active team games, entertainment in the playground, we go to the forest and for other field trips. We have our own garden and mini-greenhouse. Thanks to us, children learn about nature and gain useful knowledge about the environment.

We shape pro-ecological behavior and a lifestyle that will allow children to feel comfortable in modern society. We teach children cleaning in the forest, sorting rubbish and caring for nature. We strive to ensure that this information and children’s skills are acquired through games and plays, without undue pressure.

It is important for us to invite interesting people to our children who will share their time and talent to help children discover their own abilities.

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 Frequently asked questions 

What is so special about the School of St. Martin de Porres? 

The school guarantees qualified teaching staff. 
Each teacher still raises his qualifications by participating in courses, trainings and conferences, tries to be up to date with new technology in order to best reach students. 

The school cares for the comfort of its pupils. All classes are equipped with numerous educational tools, and during breaks children have at their disposal a soft gym, where there are plenty of mattresses, foams, and other sensorial equipment designed for fun and leisure. 

The school supports the physical development of its students. Each child does sports on average 5 hours a week, attending football and tennis classes, an outdoor gym with cardio platforms, horse riding and choreography classes. 

The school also focuses on developing children’s creative abilities. Every child can discover his talent through classes in the art studio, choir, pottery, sewing and carpentry workshops. 

Does the school have a license? 

The school is licensed to conduct educational activity in the field of general secondary education, i.e. primary education. 

How many children are in the class? 

Classes are small, 10-12 people. The school’s priority is an individual approach to the child. 

What document does the child receive after school? 

Certificate of education of a basic state standard. 

What forms of education can the school offer? 

The school has the right to conduct personal, remote, individual, external training and patronage. The institution conducts classes (in groups), distance learning, classes (groups) with specialized, special and integration classes for children with disabilities. 

How many foreign languages ​​do children learn at school? 

Two – Polish and English. Children also have the opportunity to practice language skills with a native speaker – school staff. 

I want to sign up for an interview! 

You can do it by phone: 0935809805 or write to us at: martinschool2018@gmail.com. We are waiting for you! See you soon!