Saint Martin’s Center eagerly helps people with disabilities

We invite children and adults with neurological and mental disorders or diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

The most important task of the Rehabilitation Space is to receive any disabled person who will contact us (regardless of age and social status), and to provide comprehensive professional assistance in accordance with the individual rehabilitation program (IPR).

In truth I tell you, in so far as you did this to one of the least of these brothers of mine, you did it to me.”

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Why us?

Because we help regardless of whether your child has a disability status.

Forms of support

Continuous rehabilitation course


Advice and early diagnosis

10-day rehabilitation course

20-day rehabilitation course *

(* with accommodation service in our Center)

Comprehensive physical and social rehabilitation

We use patented inventions and individual proprietary methods

Psychological support for children and youth with disabilities

Relaxing massage

Geyser bath

Hydromassage, aeromassage, underwater shower massage, chromotherapy

Speech therapist and defectologist services

With the use of group and individual methods of correction and restoration of speech

Sensory integration and social rehabilitation

Hippotherapy, zoototherapy,

(soon – lamotherapy)


Our team

Mrs. Olga

Rehabilitation methodologist

She graduated with honors from KPI, defending with honors the master’s program in physical rehabilitation and patented her own rehabilitation inventions. For several years she worked at the Center for Social and Physical Rehabilitation of Disabled Children and Youth in Kiev. She is a well-known public figure and founder of charitable foundations that protect the interests and rights of children and people with disabilities. She specializes in physical rehabilitation, developing individual programs, osteopathy courses, various massage techniques, kinesitherapy and pilates. Since 2016, she has been a leading specialist in our Center. Mrs. Olga is also a mother of a disabled child who she is raising with her husband.

Mrs. Wiktoria

Assistant rehabilitation specialist

Nurse with extensive experience in the Kiev District Hospital, OKHMADIT, Neonatology Department. She participated in advanced palliative care courses as well as conferences on epigenetic diseases. Ms. Wiktoria is one of the first mothers who came to our center since 2016. She specializes in hydromassage treatments. Mrs. Wiktoria is also raising a disabled child.

Mrs. Maria


She defended her master’s thesis in special pedagogy, special psychology and corrective pedagogy. He has been working in our Center since 2018. He specializes in neurological aspects of speech therapy and innovative technologies of corrective training and education of children with severe speech disorders. Maria has extensive experience in individual correction in Kiev development centers. She regularly undergoes qualifying courses. Mrs. Maria is also a mother of three children.

Mrs. Jane


She currently works at a regional children’s hospital in Kiev for children with cerebral palsy. In 2019, she joined the staff of the rehabilitation space of our Center. She conducts individual and group classes with children. In April 2020, she successfully completed her uprising qualification course.

 Our successes


My name is Tatiana, I am raising two wonderful sons, we live in the area of ​​Fastiv, since 2016 we try every day to come from the village for rehabilitation to the Saint Martin Center. The most difficult thing for us is to get there in winter, because I have to go over 1.5 km to the bus stop, if it’s winter or ice, the bus may not come at all. My son needs rehabilitation all the time. The rehabilitation specialist – Ms. Olga, chose for us the optimal intensity and comprehensive rehabilitation. This year he began classes at the School of St. Martin. Since then, communication with other people has improved, and the vocabulary that previously had about 10 words increased significantly. Asked to repeat various words, he pronounces them very correctly (with syllables, vowels – some consonants are not yet pronounced). He learned new sounds, fulfills the instructions. He uses words more often than shouting. He became more durable in class. I really liked the way of learning alternately with exercises and socialization. Thank you!


We live almost next to Kiev, 54 km from Fastiv, but every day we come to rehabilitation with our son. We see changes that make us very happy. Meeting with other mothers and conversations help us overcome everyday difficulties. Thank you for professional help and support for our family. We do not expect everything to change in one day, but we see Wiktor becoming calmer every day, overcoming difficulties and confidently moving forward with hope.

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