Visit San Angelo, try our food and drinks.

Social enterprise

The San Angelo Café was created as an element of the city’s European culture.
The main mission is to support the charitable activities of the St. Martin Center and create new jobs for the pupils of the St. Martin’s House.

Principles of our social enterprise

Business component: own professional kitchen, bakery and confectionery. Only natural ingredients. Aromatic coffee. Quality control in compliance with the standards of the international quality system HACCP.

Social character: comfortable atmosphere for family outings. Non-alcoholic menu. Adapted for use by people with disabilities. The cafe environment is conducive to a warm, friendly conversation and is a place of cooperation with our other projects. Here you can buy ceramics made by children and employees of the Center as well as interesting books of contemporary Ukrainian publishing houses.

Charity work of the St. Martin Center

The uniqueness of the project: the first coffee shop in the city of Fastiv, which supports large-scale charitable activities and social initiative

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