Build with us!

Our story in this place began on January 31st, 2020, when we signed a 49-year lease with the Fastiv City Council. Initially, we planned to create a social Home for people in need, the elderly and young people with disabilities who have lost their guardians, and we will not abandon this plan in the future. However, the onset of full-scale war on February 24, 2022 forced us to act quickly, so the decision was made to open the Center for war-affected families as soon as possible. We renovated 650 m2 of the first floor for families with children who were forced to leave their homes due to the war. Under the terms of this project, comprehensive social support will be provided for families affected by the war.


The signing of the contract.


The celebration of the first Holy Mass with relics of the Saint Mother Theresa..


The beginning of the renovation works – taking out garbage, removing plaster.


The fence of the area.


The demolition of the old roof.

October 2020

The beginning of work on the construction of the roof truss.

November 2020

The construction of the roof truss.

November 2020

The installation of windows and doors.

April-August 2021

The roof covering and insulation.

July 2022

The placing of partition walls.

August-September 2022

The putting plasters.

October 2022

The making of screeds.

October 2022

The installation of the boiler room.

December 2022

The installation of ceilings, tiles and ventilation.

The center still needs significant repairs and equipment, so if you want, please support us!