Our vision

Welcome to the Saint Martin de Porres Developmental Space. We believe that every child is a gift created by God, that’s why we try to support them on the path of getting to know themselves and the world.

Spiritual dimension

We strive to teach and educate children in a good, safe and integrated environment. For this purpose, we have developed a program based on Christian values.

Every day your child will see their guardians who will set an example of care, compassion, honesty, kindness and gratitude.

As a faith-based organization, we respect the religion of everyone who is under our care.


The focal point of every day is prayer. Then teachers try to focus children’s attention on everyday life, including the love and attention of the family, home, toys and teach how to be grateful for what they have.


Among many different activities, children will participate in catechesis, in which they will get to know God, the truths of faith, learn to love each other and be kind to others.

Our program is intended for children from 3 to 6 years old.

3-4 years old


4-5 years old


5-6 years old

Bright minds

Social skills

It’s more than “making friends”, it’s the abilities that help children express themselves, communicate, negotiate and resolve conflicts.

We support and respect every effort your child makes . It is important for us that they know that making mistakes is good, it is a part of our lives and it helps understand the world around us.

We encourage children to make their own decisions, take responsibility for their actions, and “stand in other people’s shoes,” helping our students understand how what they do can affect others.

Our classes take place in the following areas:

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Practical aspects

In private with nature

By directing children’s attention to discovering the amazing nature, we give children the freedom to use what they see in such way as to satisfy their curiosity. We travel a lot, exploring our city and its surroundings.

Getting to know the world of professions

Our program is prepared with a very practical and illustrative approach. To familiarize children with various professions, we go to the veterinary clinic, fire department, optician, dentist or builder.

Ethno culture

We respect our culture and our huge ethnic heritage. Therefore, from time to time we organize photo sessions in the Ukrainian style, we eat traditional lard with black bread, we craft, we prepare our own embroidery sketches and traditional dishes: dumplings or vinaigrette.

Integration space

We accept disabled children who need socialization.

We value and try to develop in your child:

indyvidual abilities given by God

social skills

self-care skills

respect for the ideas and opinions of other children,

kindness, care for others and the environment

imagination and creativity

curiosity about the world and nature

physical fitness

perseverance and ability to solve problems

understanding that they are appreciated

communication skills

responsibility for one’s own learning and behavior

willingness for constant learning and working on yourself (e.g. self-control, courage, tenderness, perseverance, curiosity)

Our kitchen

We use carefully selected products to prepare delicious homemade dishes. They are all done with love.

If you want, you can bring your own food.

An environment that stimulates creativity

At the Developmental Space of the Saint Martin Center, we understand the enormous impact that the environment has on the behavior and growth potential of each child. Many studies show that space becomes the third teacher when color, texture and sound are used in room design. Our goal was to create an environment that will allow the eyes and mind to rest, while stimulating creative action. We are sure that we succeeded.

We pay a lot of attention to the health and safety of the children.

Medical office. The healthcare worker monitors the health of the pupils and compliance with sanitary standards.

The Developmental Space rooms are additionally disinfected with a quartz lamp.

The territory has a unique health room, the so-called “Salt Cave”. In it, children undergo 10-day prevention of illnesses and strengthen immunity twice a year.

The complex’s building is covered by 24-hour video surveillance.

The doors have magnetic locks, which prevents children from leaving the center without the adult supervision.

Holidays are important to us:

Patron festival of the church (Exaltation of the Holy Cross) – September 14
Feast of our patron, Saint Martin de Porres – November 3
Memorial of Saint Santa – December 6
Christmas – December 24

Mother’s Day
Children’s Day
Carnival – before Lent

We celebrate holidays according to the Gregorian calendar

Summer Camp

We spend the first half of August together with our volunteers who come to experience summer adventures together.

Choosing an interesting place for your child doesn’t have to be difficult!

Svetlana, our main educator, is waiting for your call to answer all your questions and discuss your child’s needs. Consult Svetlana and make an appointment in our institution.

P.S. Only online communication is possible during quarantine.

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