Our animals

Meet our animals, they all have their documents and are under the control of a vet. Have a nice time with children! We have prepared a fairy tale for each animal, so your walk will be very interesting!

You can visit them from Monday to Saturday
from 14.00 to 19.00
from 14.00 to 18.00 in winter

Кінь “Kаріна”

Koń “Karina”

Horse “Karina”

Hutsul horse. He collaborates well with disabled children during hippotherapy and is a very balanced and calm animal.

Поні “Бусинка”

Kucyk “Koralik”

Pony “Bead”

Fun fact: Scandinavia is considered the homeland of a pony, and its maximum life expectancy is over 45 years.

Mrs. Ludmiła from the village of Dmytrivka gave us the Bead. Thank you for making children’s dreams come true.

Ослиця “Зізі”

Oślica “Zizi”

Donkey “Zizi”

Fun fact: Donkeys are very fit animals, with a properly prepared graphic they can work 8-10 hours, with only one break for feeding.

Our “Zizi” loves delicacies and fresh apples.




Fun fact: sheep are classified by type of tail. The longer and larger the tail, the more expensive the breed.

Our oldest lamb is called “Shaun”




Goats are very interesting animals and they communicate well with people. Did you know that the constant body temperature for a goat is 39-39.5 degrees?




Fun fact: rabbits and hares have 28 teeth, are very strong and grow constantly throughout their lives. That is why they chew all the time and rub their teeth. They are very sensitive to high temperatures and use their ears to cool the body on hot days.




Birds with a calm gait, serious appearance and amazing devotion to their partner. There are about 10 different sounds with which geese express different emotions (anger, joy, anger, pity). But the famous “gaggle” is made only by women.


Kaczka francuska

Muscovy duck

Fun fact: although the duck’s neck is not large, but the cervical vertebrae are larger than those of a giraffe.




Fun Fact: Like humans, they have a sleep phase -REM (fast-moving eyeballs), which means they are dreaming. However, they have a different phase of sleep that people do not have. This is the USWS phase. In this phase, one half of the chicken brain is asleep and the other is not. They can literally sleep with an open eye.




Pigeons are considered a bird of the world. They are really beautiful birds that impress with their skills and the ability to cover a distance of up to 900 km per day. Their speed reaches 70 km / h. They live about 20 years. Pigeon statues were built in 33 countries around the world, the first in Paris in 1880.




Fun fact: A parrot, like a human, can be right-handed or left-handed. It all depends on what paw it takes, for example, a piece of fruit.

Parrots, unlike humans, have monocular vision, which means that they can look with each eye in an independent direction.