Join us!

If you are 18 or older – you are invited. There are many opportunities for everyone who wants to do good. Read the list below, maybe you are the one we are waiting for!

You can help by:

Coming to us

  • for a week, month, year
  • individually or in a group

Or remotely by:

  • translating from Polish to English or another language, 
  • conducting master classes during online webinars for children or conferences for our specialists and volunteers.

We are especially in need of:

  • masseur 
  • promoter 
  • chef 
  • driver 
  • accountant 
  • dentist 
  • underwriter
  • speechwriter
  • assistant for a person with disability 
  • fundraising manager 
  • brand director 
  • content manager 
  • crisis manager 
  • choreographer 
  • web designer 
  • family law lawyer 
  • psychiatrist and psychotherapist

But we will accept any help!

Testimonials of our volunteers

Katerina Chvalova

Children are my greatest and best teachers, of course after God. They teach me mindfulness, how to look in a different way, they teach me goodness and patience. I consider myself totally devoid of creativity. All I can draw is the sun, cloud, tree … and from them I learned to combine colors, draw what I want, paint a leaf in one color, notice the details. They taught me how to combine plasticine with dvarious grains, what you can do with torn socks, how to use tin Coca-Cola cans … and a million other things. Being with them, watching them grow and change, is a great gift that the Creator has entrusted to me. 

Voluntary service

Look for partner organizations and tell them  about our actions!

Contact us!